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Fractal Landscapes, Paintings & Space Art
Abstract landscapes, space nebulas and more!

Feel free to message me for more details.

Hidden Fractalist Vol. XIX.

Fri Nov 3, 2017, 12:47 PM

Through The Viewport by Holmes-JA

Hello everybody and welcome to the project called Hidden Fractalist! Goal of this project is to discover new, rising fractal artists in the depths of the fractal art community and bring them into the spotlight between other fellow artists and show them some love, help, support and friendship. Today we'll take a closer look at Holmes-JA.

Hello and welcome! Could you please introduce yourself to us?
Hi there! I'm Jess, I'm 21, and I was an art student for all of one term when I was 17. These days I'm a dabbler. I dabble in writing, fractal art and digital painting. 

It's Astounding by Holmes-JA

How did you discover Fractal Art and why did you decide to make it? Can you show and tell us about your first piece?
I discovered Fractal Art a little while after joining DA at the end of last year, and earlier this year I was just honestly really bored, so I decided to have a go. I like trying to pick up new skills. The first few attempts at understanding how Apophysis works didn't get me very far, until I started going through the resources on Chaosfissure's page. I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was neat playing with the variations. I eventually came up with his THIS and after that, I saved every tutorial I could get my hands on, and I was hooked!

Keep Control by Holmes-JA

What medium(s) do you work with? Are you experienced with any other software?

I stubbornly cling to using Apophysis, even though I should probably branch out. I've dabbled in Chaotica but always go back to Apo. I once tried Mandelbulb but decided I like making 2D fractals better. 

Field Of Saffron by Holmes-JA

Do you make your art professionally, or rather just as a hobby? 

It's just a hobby, though I certainly wouldn't object to making a little cash from time to time!

But Listen Closely by Holmes-JA

Do you have any inspiration here on DevaintArt? Do you have any favourite artists you'd like to mention?

Oh, so many! I followed a lot of BoxTail's tutorials and he's helped me out with tricky fractals before. His fractals are a big inspiration to me, for what you can do with the program, though trying to work out how they're put together makes my brain melt! tatasz is another favourite of mine, particularly for her excellent guides and tutorials. Basically, I like really intricate pieces and elaborate setups. 

Lovebirds by Holmes-JA

Do you think you become more skilled and experienced with every piece? 

Oh, definitely. I look at setting up a fractal like a puzzle, getting all the pieces to fit together. It gets easier the more I do it. Sometimes a piece does defeat me, though, and I have to take a step back and try something else before I end up throwing my poor laptop out the window. 

Insert Mildly Amusing Title Here by Holmes-JA

Could you share the process of making any of your fractal pieces?

Sure! It goes something like this: try something ambitious. Realise I can't do it. Try brute-forcing the problem. Scream at the sky in frustration. Invent a new curse word. Repeat. 
In all seriousness, it's all tinkering. I go into each piece with a question: what happens if I do x? Whether that be trying to contain some sort of structure, or replacing one part of a setup with a different variation, or a combination. I try to try something a little new each time, though lately I have been making a LOT of use of splits-elliptic to make these very intricate patterns that I can link back into the original structure. 
    I often revisit older pieces to see if there's anything new I can do to them, too, if I find myself stuck for ideas. I used to do a lot of tweaks, but I haven't really done any lately.

Here's Hoping by Holmes-JA

Is there any goal you’d like to reach both with fractals and your artistic journey on DeviantArt?


At some point or another I'd like to start combining my fractal pieces with my digital paintings, a sort of digital mixed media, if that makes sense. When I was studying art I always liked using mixed media, it always feels so interesting to me. Being able to honestly say I know exactly what I'm doing would be nice, too. 

My God, It's Full Of Stars! by Holmes-JA

If you could describe fractal art with one word, what would it be?

:iconholmes-ja:: Mesmerizing.

Have you come across a talented, but unknown fractal artist? Feel free to suggest them to me via note, I'll be more than happy to interview them!

Thank you very much for your support, and for reading this interview as well! Check the previous issue of my "Hidden Fractalist" Project here: Hidden Fractalist Vol. XVIII. - PJKfractals

See you next time,


Skin by Dan Leveille


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This war we fought, who did we protect in the end?
Only our path into glory and freedom. 
What we can't deny is what we lost. 
The ultimate sacrifice of those who risked everything in our name.
Follow the path of darkness,
and see nothing but fear. 
Follow the path of hatred, 
and see nothing but regret. 
Despair is the only thing destiny has given me. 
The only thing I have learned was fallen tears.
I have fallen far,
but I shall rise even further.


LukasFractalizator's Profile Picture
Lukas K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
Who am I? Who am I?!

... :giggle:

I'm just a regular 17 years old fractal artist from Czech republic.

Currently I'm in a 3rd year of medical highschool with specialisation of Medical lyceum. There's not much to do in my free time, since I'm trying to get the best results and get well prepared for the entrance exams at my (hopefully) future medical faculty. But when there IS a free time, I definitely love to spend quality time with my family, and make some fractals for relaxation! :D :)

Cardiac surgeon and Fractal Art CV wannabe.
Also future winner of PDC World Championship of Darts, but that's a secret, don't tell anyone! :stare:

Few tutorial I've made, thanks to wonderful supporting community there: - Amazing Surf tutorial - Amazing Box Spheres Tutorial - Mandelbulb3D Gnarles Different way - Mandelbulb3D Mix Mode Tutorial


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